Rehab at You Place Guarantee

Below is our guarantee to our customers so we can provide service that meets or exceeds your expectations. If you need anything else, contact us!

  • WE GUARANTEE to include you the parent, in every decision from planning goals to implementing them. We will work with you to equip you to work with your child.
  • WE GUARANTEE to do a thorough assessment and present you with a list of skills your child has and a list of skills that would be the child’s next step.
  • WE GUARANTEE to adjust your child’s therapy as progress is made, to continue skill growth.
  • WE GUARANTEE that if we don’t feel this is the right program for your child, or if we think there’s something better, we’ll tell you. 
  • WE GUARANTEE to be up-front with you about your costs and the length of the program.
  • WE GUARANTEE that your child will be working with a highly trained, competent staff member who will evaluate progress as they go.